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Sleep Comfort Month

26 Oct 2010

Did you know that November is National Sleep Comfort Month. Really – we didn't just make that up. To help you celebrate Sleep Comfort Month, we've compiled some tips that we'll share with you over the next couple of weeks.

We'll start with some general information, then move on to some tips on mattress selection and care. First, let's take a look at some tips to help you maximize your sleep:

10 Tips For Getting a Better Night's Sleep

  • Create a quiet, dark, cool, uncluttered bedroom
  • Make sure you have a good mattress set and pillows
  • Take a hot bath or perform easy stretching exercises
  • Serta MattressesReduce stress before going to sleep
  • Read as a bedtime ritual
  • Exercise to stay fit
  • If you toss and turn, get up and do an activity
  • Eat a proper diet
  • Reduce your caffeine intake
  • Avoid alcohol near bedtime

In the next post, we'll look at some pointers on determining when it's time to get a new mattress.

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smart dispense

06 Oct 2010

Eastern Idaho is a beautiful place to live. If there is one drawback, it might be the areas where the water hardness causes itchy skin, half-clean dishes, white shirts or blouses coming out of the washer looking more grey than white, residue in showers and so forth. To help combat part of the problem of hard water, General Electric GE, Smart Dispense, Clean Clothes, laundryhas developed a unique technology they call "Smart Dispense". This technology allows the consumer to easily determine the hardness of the water in her home and then adjust the washing machine or dishwasher to dispense the proper amount of dishwashing or laundry detergent. These liquid detergents are stored in a resevoir within the dishwasher or front-load washer pedestal and then dispensed automatically during the appropriate time in the wash cycle. The Smart Dispense system is capable of storing up to two months of dishwashing detergent and up to six months of laundry detergent and fabric softener. Wow! What a great idea, designed to get clothes and dishes cleaner and save time for each individual user. Now that is "Imagination at Work"!

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Turning the Tables

20 Sep 2010

At Blacker's we get to see many different styles of furniture that come and go from our showroom floors. This time of year, when the mornings turn crisp and the days are shorter it's an exciting feeling because that's when everyone begins to think about indoor dining and the holidays that are just around the corner.


davenport dining, steve silver, bicast leather parsons chairsIntroducing the new dining room set, Davenport. It's solid acacia wood is finished in rich brown stain and the clean-lined table has durable slate inset on the top for a natural embellishment. Timeless, easy maintenance, bi-cast leather parsons chairs will blend easily with many styles and instantly update a room.


This large dining table can seat 6-8 and the 7 piece group sale priced at just $799.

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Extreme Makeover: Organization

27 Aug 2010

Last week the energy generated over the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Pocatello Idaho, could have easily lit up every home in the entire Snake River Valley for a month. I'm still breathless and humbled by how much was given from the community I live in. Not to mention my amazement at the sheer magnitude it took to build a house in a week. What a feat. Realistically though, for many of us it's just a feat to organize the traffic zones in our own homes.


Extreme Makeover: Marshall-Spreier HomeTy Pennington to the rescue!! Yes, the Extreme Makeover master, Mr. Pennington, has teamed up with Howard Miller (famous for clocks and curios) and designed many pieces to help organize our sewing rooms, entry ways, bedrooms, entertainment rooms and more. If we don't have it in stock at Blacker's, we can special order it in for you.

Below is a picture of the entry organizer. We have a couple of them in the Idaho Falls Upstairs Clearance Center marked down to $648. Originally $2049.95. What a steal and Ty's brilliance touched it. He's one cute carpenter.



Ty Pennington OrganizerTy Penington OrganizerTy Pennington Organizer

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Color Effects

13 Jul 2010

The right color choices will add personality to your room

Some people have a hard time figuring out which colors to use in the fabrics or floor coverings in a room. One way to narrow down your choices is to consider what mood you want to portray in the room. Different colors have different effects on our personalities and the way we feel. Here are some examples of the effects of color on our daily lives:

Red: A very powerful color. It represents passion, love, danger and anger. Be careful how you use red. It makes a great accent color if used in in splashes.

Blue: A calming color that is widely recognized as being easy to decorate and live with. It represents formality, dignity, coolness, the sky, water, truth, serenity and spaciousness.

Orange: A fun color to use. I represents warmth, energy, friendliness, youthfulness and cheerfulness.

Yellow: Another warm color. It represents sunlight, cheerfulness, youthfulness and sympathy. Be careful how this color is used, as it will make a statement. It is fun to use with blue because it warms the blues up and does not make them feel as cold.

This color can project dignity, royalty, justice, wisdom, suffering and depression. Again, be careful how this dynamic color is used. It makes a great accent color.

Green: This color is also well-accepted as it appears in nature. It represents life, restfulness and friendliness.

White: Represents cleanliness, purity, innocence, joy and coolness.

Gold: A powerful color that represents royalty, riches, the sun, joy and luxury.

Pink: A soft color; feminine and pleasureful.

Brown: Represents the earth, warmth and comfort. No wonder so many of our agricultural customers love it.

Gray: Represents fatigue, inferiority and age. But it is amazing that the baby-boomer crowd is really buying a lot of cars in this color.

This color can be representational of sophistication, strength, evil, death and darkness.

These are some of the effects of color. It is fun to experiment: That the blue sofa will definitely give a room a more traditional feel than the brown one. On the other hand, the brown sofa will make someone feel very much at home in the family room. Try mixing colors for different effects. And most of all, have fun with it. 

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